Programa d’Autodeterminació (PdA)

Programa d'Autodeterminació (PdA)Programa de Autodeterminación (PdA)Programa d'Autodeterminació (PdA)

“My son’s future is now. Tomorrow will be late.” (Gabriela Mistral)

The Self Determination Programee started on 2014 in order to promote the social integration of young XFS affected people. Since then, the main objective has been to develop adult like behaviors and dynimics among the programme users.

One of the key factors of the SDP is the youngsters make social achievements in their own daily routines inside their social groups, like travelling alone by bus or attendind to sports events by themselves.

We follow a very specific protocol to proceed with those cases:

  1. We arrange a first interview with the interested parents. In this first meeting, we want to know the kid’s skills and preferences.
  2. A second interview is set, this time with both the parents and the son/daughter.
  3. The third step is to study the kid’s near environment and the needs she or he may have. Then we build a personal work plan.
  4. After reaching an agreement, both parts will set a specific day of the week to work with the new user.
  5. Finally, we will ask to meet again with the parents (between one and three times per year) and argue about their son/daugh evolution.

¿Do you want your son/daughter to be a part of the Self Determination Pogramme?

Send an e-mail to with his/her name, telephone number, and when to contact you. 


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