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Leaflets published by the association:

Leaflet nº1: What is Fragile X Syndrome?

Basic data about the syndrome. How it manifests, how it is diagnosed and which are the main features of the disease from a practical and medical point of view. 

Leaflet nº2: Behavior disorders in FXS

This leaflet focuses the most frequent features in the child’s behavior. In it, you will be able to find many clues to understand their behavior and how to face it.

Leaflet nº3: Toilet training

The information that you will find in this volume exclusively focuses a basic need that can be hard to resolve in many cases. Toilet training brings advices to help your child to go to the toilet.

Leaflet nº4: Sensory and motor features in FXS children

The aim of this leaflet is to learn and make us aware of the motor and sensory integration lacks that FXS children can manifest and, at the same time, to explain how can we help them by direct intervention.

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