The Fragile X Syndrome Catalan Association was founded in 1995 to cater for the needs of those families with children affected by Fragile X Syndrome. After receiving the diagnosis, these families live through very difficult times, charged with uncertainty. The association has become a meeting point and a source of support for families to exchange experiences and feelings.

That is why one of our main objectives is to welcome and help recently diagnosed families. In addition, fragile X syndrome is still poorly known and understood by our society so one of our most important objectives is to spread information and make society at large be aware of what Fragile X Syndrome is.

Even though the ACSXF focuses all its work and efforts on Catalonia, also takes part in other associations and entities with global aims:

Federación Española de Asociaciones del SXF

Federación Española de las Enfermedades Raras (FEDER)

Federació Catalana de Malalties Minoritàries (FECAMM)

Codi ètic de les associacions de Barcelona

The National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF)

Plataforma de Malalties Minoritaries

On 2005, the Ministry of Interior classified the Asociation as a Public Interest Institution as the official document attests. The association is registered in the Official Register of Associations under the number 16.155 

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