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FuncionamentFuncionamientoHow do we work

The X Fragile Syndrome Catalan Association has its reason to be in the orientation, facilitation, assessorament, research, defence and collaboration in the different areas that affect to people, centres or professional devoted to the study and attention of the Syndrome X Fragile.

The internal operation is collected on the Official Statutes, that can be consulted on Issuu, modified for the last time on 2011

There are two big organs of decision in the Association that operate in the following way: 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors administers and represents the association, and is compound by the president, the vice-president, the secretary, the treasurer and three vowels at least. These charges have to be exerted by different people. The members are unpaid.

One of its main functions is to represent, direct and administer the association of the widest way that recognise the Law; likewise, fulfil the decisions taken by the General Assembly, in accordance with the norms, instructions and guidelines that this Assembly establish.

The Board of directors, summoned previously for the president or for the person that substitute it, has to gather in an ordinary session with the periodicity that its members decide, and that in any case can’t be inferior to four meetings per year.

Assamblea General

The General Assembly reunites in an ordinary session at least once a year, in the months comprised between January and June, both included. The Agenda of these meetings must include: the memory, the economic balances and the proposal of activities. However, the organ of government can summon the general assembly with extraordinary character for decision of the absolute majority of the members of the Board of directors whenever it considers it convenient, and has to do it when it is requested by no less than 10% of the associates; in that case, the assembly has to take place in the next thirty days to count since the application.

To adopt agreements about the separation of the members, the modification of the statutes, the dissolution of the association, the constitution of a federation with similar associations or the integration in an already existent one, and the disposal or alienation of goods, it is necessary to gather the the two third parts of the assistants votes. In any case, the election of the Board of directors, if there are several candidatures, is done by agreement of the relative majority of the present partners or represented.


On the other hand, another fundamental piece in the Association is the Program of Self-determination, a specific plan driven by professionals of the social sector that has as a main aim to encourage autonomy among the users affected by the Syndrome.

The new Program of Self-determination has been driven by the integrator Rafa Morillo and the social educator Anna Minguella, with the support of the educator Marta Bou.

The Program counts with a strategic plan and some norms of operation collected in the protocol of internal operation that will be available in the network soon.

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