Our symbology

El nostre símbolNuestro logotipoOur symbology

It all started in autumn of 1996. At that moment and for different circumstances we had to make a leaflet to make Fragile X Syndrome better known. That leaflet was the beginning of everything: we already had the text and we decided to look for a logotype, and asked some graphic design students for help.

The starting point was the same than in other countries: the letter X. They showed us different samples. At the same time we proposed the same idea to the designer Joana Catot. Joana saw the X, but also thought that it should be something alive, and that’s how suddenly butterflies appeared in her proposals.

The choice was very difficult. Eventually we asked a FXS child to choose a butterfly with its own color. That was the first time that the butterfly that portrays our Association flew.

In addition there are so many connotations between Fragile X Syndrome and the butterfly: the butterfly is fragile, it flutters, it is hyperactive, it is full of life and energy, it looks like an X…

Another outstanding day related to our butterfly was when, on the October of 2001, the famous Spanish band called La Oreja de Van Gogh, dedicated us their song “Mariposa”. If you want to know a bit more about this occasion, click here.

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