The most of the Catalan X Fragile Syndrome Association associates are families affected by the syndrome. Nevertheless, there are plenty of friends who joined us and share their resources and their time with us, backing our tasks and taking part in our daily routine.

Who can be an associate?

Everybody. The ACSXF is an entity of public utility and has its doors opened for eveyone. Even tough our main concerns are to guide and accompany the association families, everybody can be a part of us.

How can I become member?

Look for the form ‘Contact’ that appears in the upper bar of the navigation, where you will find our contact information to address directly to us or contact us through a simple form. The technical team is operative from Monday to Friday, 08:00h to 13:00h, so you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

The associates

As the official Statutes of the ACSXF, modified for the last time on 2011, every associate has its right and duties that are summarized in the following lists:

Rights of the members of the association:

1. Assist to the meetings of the General Assembly. The partners will have the right to vote once ratified his admission by the Board of directors. The exercise of the vote will be personal and direct.

2. Elect or be elected for the places of representation or to exert managerial charges. For being elected president of the Association, the candidate has to have an antiquity of at least a year.

3. Exert the representation that confer them in each case.

4. Take part in the government and the negotiations, in the services and the activities of the association, in accordance with the legal and statutory norms.

5. Expose to the Assembly and to the Board of directors all what consider that can contribute to do fuller the life of the association and make more effective the realisation of the basic social aims.

6. Request and obtain explanations on the administration and the management of the Board of directors or of the mandators of the association.

7. Be listened previously to the adoption of disciplinary measures.

8. Receive information of the activities of the association.

9. Use the common services that the association establish or have to its disposal.

10. Form part of the groups of work.

11. Possess a copy of the statutes.

12. Consult the books of the association.

Duties of the members of the association:

1. Engage with the purposes of the association and actively take part to achieve them.

2. Contribute to the sosteniment of the association with the payments and other economical actions fixed by the statutes and approved in accordance with these.

3. Fulfil the rest of obligations that result of the statutory disposals.

4. Collaborate in the organisation and development of the scheduled activities and those which the board of directors consider convenient to program.

5. Fulfil the agreements adopted by the organs of government of the association.

Membership statistics

Nowadays, the Association counts with 173 partners. Since the birth of the ACSXF on 1995, when 12 families accompanied, we have grown year after year:

The headquarters of the Association are located in Barcelona, where for demographical questions the majority of the affected and of the associated are. In the actuality, the ACSXF does not count with enough resources to attend to the other provinces one by one, but one of our tasks is also to be beside the families of Lleida, Tarragona and Girona. Periodically, we aim to organise workshops, sessions and meetings out of Barcelona, as one of our challenges is to increase our presence in these zones.

Estimació cat Nombre d'associats

*Only affected associates

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