18 years old or older

Majors de 18 anysMayores de 18 años18 years old or older

Affected people older than 18 years yo opt to different helps collected in the following thematic fields:


Aids of support to the autonomy in the own home: aims those who has a dependency degree equal or upper to the first level or with more than a 65% of recognised disability. It provides personal support for the development of the daily routine..


Sanitary assistance and pharmaceutical benefits: it amis to preserve the health. The pharmaceutical benefit dispenses medicines for free as the rest of services with identical extension: common illness, accidents out of work such as car crashes and motherhood.


Complementary benefit to no cotributive pension for invalidity or retirement: a permanent benefit destined to complement the no contributive pension. Aimed to those people that can not incorporate to the job market.

No contributive pension for invalidity: individualised economical benefit for people between 18 and 65 years old that have a physical, psychic or sensory permanent disability, equal or upper to 65%, that have enough economical resources and can not receive any other benefit.

Aids of the Program of social attention to the disabled people: this Program aims to enable the necessary economic aids for the development of the personal autonomy of the people with a physical, psychic or sensory disability,  whi are given compensatory measures in order to improve their life quality and promote their social integration.


Economical benefits for mobility expenses: an economic benefit that aims to attend the expenses originated by the movement out of the usual domicile of the people with any recognised disability that have strong difficulties to use public transport.

White card: a card that gives the right to the service of special transport in cases of reduced mobility. Official website.

Metropolitan pass of accompaniment: it allows a person to accompany a disabled person through the first crown of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. Official website.

Parking card: card of free parking to green zones, blue and of other advantages. On-line procedures.


For other queries, the State releases an annual report on possible helps, benefits and other options that the families and the affected have. Consult the on-line official document.

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