Working team

EquipEquipoWorking team


We are a group of parents, relatives and people who share the same aim: to work for the betterment of our children’s quality of life. That’s why we created the association, led by a Management Committee, whose members are elected in a General Assembly. Nowadays, those are:

    • President: Lidia Mendez
    • Vicepresident: Maria del Mar Espinosa
    • Secretary: Roser Roig
  • Treasurer: Jordi Salvado


Raquel Arribas
Carles Miquel Fauró
Manel Rodés
Manolo Ortega
Xavier Cornejo
Carolina Fraca


  • Autodetermination Programme (PdA):

Anna Minguella (Social Educator): Programme responsible and users attendance

Rafael Morillo (Social Integrator): Programme responsible and users attendance

  • Financial administration:

Laura Berga: management consultancy

  • Daily administration:

Lluïsa Vidal: association’s secretary

  • Communication:

Jaume Tarragó (Journalist)

External advisers

  • School counseling service:

Katy García (Neuropsychologist): Counseling service to the schools

Eugènia Rigau (Neuropsychologist): Counseling service to the schools


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