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08 Jun

ACSXF annual meal

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Dinar de germanor de l'ACSXFComida popular de la ACSXFACSXF annual meal

The Associació Catalana de la Síndrome X Fràgil annual meal was a true success. Almost 100 people from families and friends of the association were engaged in this yet typical act. As usual, everyone could enjoy with the special activites; in this edition, kids had fun with a corsair themed gymkhana, where our friends Eduardo and Rafa dressed up

Dinar de Germanor 2016Comida de Hermandad 2016


"Belleza y Solidaridad" amb la ACSXF"Belleza y Solidaridad" con la ACSXF

Passejada en Roda Petita 2016Paseo en Rueda Pequeña

Dinar de GermanorComida de Hermandad

16 Feb

Roda petita

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Passejada Roda petitaPaseo Rueda pequeñaRoda petita

Tota la informació del IV Congrés Internacional Síndrome X FràgilToda la información del IV Congreso Internacional Síndrome X FrágilNext IV Congreso Internacional Síndrome X Frágil

We are pleased to present the Fourth International Congress of the X Fragile as part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Catalan Association XFS. We want to inform professionals and families, on one hand, updating the knowledge and therapies to address XFS and the research being carried out with the premutation of the X Fragile syndrome.

Taller de famílies Taller de familias

Participació a 'La Ciutat Solidària' d'Onda CeroParticipación en 'La Ciutat Solidària' de Onda Cero

Convocatòria d'ajudesConvocatoria de ayudas