30 Oct

Estratègia educativa per cordar-se les sabates

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Estratègia educativa per cordar-se les sabates



Often, our boys and girls show difficulties to fasten their shoes autonomously. The action, apparently simple, demands vision-motor coordination and prior planning of the steps to be taken to obtain the knot.

Next, we propose the use of a material to achieve this goal. It is accompanied by a video showing one of our participants in the PdA, using this method, rope shoe autonomously and teaches his younger brother the action learned.

We will have 5 cards that visually show the 5 steps to follow to fasten the shoe with a manipulative implication of less difficulty.

Our recipients, process the information globally, for this reason, we will work the 5 steps together showing you the whole process. In addition to the visual support offered by each image, we will reinforce the internalization of the content verbally. Therefore, we will make a small phrase / story for each step. We propose the following:

IMAGE 1: We make an X, first knot. Be the step where they present less difficulties.
IMAGE 2: We make another X, however, we do not press too much, we leave a round …
IMAGE 3: We passed a string in the opposite house
IMAGE 4: We go to the other string at the neighbor’s house
IMAGE 5: We make the tie, the ears …
NOTE: Remove the material gradually starting from the final step (Image, 5,4,3 …).

Any questions do not hesitate to consult activitats2@xfragil.cat

We encourage you to try it and send us a video with the result!