03 May

Inocente, Inocente Foundation supports the Association

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La Fundación Inocente, Inocente, amb la X FràgilLa Fundación Inocente, Inocente, con el X FrágilInocente, Inocente Foundation supports the Association

The family care project built by the Fragile X Syndrome Catalan Association has been selected by the Fundación Inocente, Inocente. This private foundation fights to promote activities, helps and other incentives aimed to the children.

Every December, the Foundation hosts a TV show in La 1 de TVE, in which they collect money to support projects addressed to the infancy; this year edition’s objectiuve was to cover the basic needs of children with rare diseases and their families.

We are glad to announce our family care project has been chosen among the 77 funded projects. From the ACSXF, we want to thank their help and consideration, since this allows us to go on with our task.