17 Feb

2017 Rare Disease Day in Catalonia

Dia Mundial de les Malalties Minoritàries a Catalunya 2017Día Mundial de las Enfermedades Minoritarias en Catalunya 20172017 Rare Disease Day in Catalonia

On Tuesday 28 of February, we will celebrate the Rare Disease world day. The act will take place in the auditorium of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (c/ Santa Rosa, 39-57, Esplugues de Llobregat) and focus the research issue.

The day aims to remark the importance of the research in order to widen the knowledge of rare diseases. All the attendees will be able to assist to two sessions were different issues involving rare diseases will be raised. The first one will focus the deployment of a new model of attention to the rare diseases and a new plan. The second session will discuss about how the research can deepen the knowledge of the minoritary illnesses and which are the challenges of the scientific sector.

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